Friday, June 05, 2009

Phoenix Band- Hillside photos

...or is it Echos of Fall?? I checked out their myspace page for the second time so I could link them to you but I guess I missed the other page last time. So which is it guys???

Anyhow- I really had fun with these guys because they were singing odd songs and had cracking me up the whole time. :0)

Anyhow, I'm off to Pinetop for the weekend (yea!!!!) But I had to post this before I left because I LOVE it!!! I'll be working on more and will share next week when I get back!

And on a side note I really have to get the commercial side of my site up and going! I have so many images that I'm not even sharing because they don't really fit in with my weddings or portraits. Now who here is gonna hold me accountable for doing it?!! :0P

Laura Siivola- Photographer.
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