Monday, April 28, 2008


I had so much fun on Friday! Kelly was so awesome to work with and adorable too!

She just got signed on by a record company and called me up to do a shoot for her new album cover. :0)

We went to The Teeter House for an antique kind of setting. It's a cool tea room that has live Jazz on Saturday nights- very fun. But there was not too much space to work with inside so we decided to walk around and got loads of fun shots outside too!

Now, don't kill me Kelly, but I just had to link this! hehe

Kelly's cousin posted a video of her singing to her grandmother and I think her voice is simply awesome! You've got to check it out! HERE!!!

I think this is my favorite shot of the day!

If you want to hear more of Kelly, here's the 'official' site. Thanks Kelly!!! :0)

Laura Siivola- Photographer. Organic wedding and portrait photography based in the Phoenix Arizona area.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

My first...

i pod! I know, I know- half of you will laugh because...

"you really don't have an i pod yet?"

and the other half (hi mom!) :0P

"now, what exactly is an i pod?"

It's so silly but I'm excited! I bought one with an LCD so I can play slide shows or movies too. Now I just have to wait for it to get to me!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Birthday Girls!

Yep, it's that time again! My birthday is today (yes, really- tax day!) and my daughters is a mere 4 days later! I've been running around getting crafts for the other birthday girls party- she is so excited!

I snapped this just as we were running out the door this morning :0)

Andy asked what I wanted to do today and I said- go to yoga! I think he wasn't so sure if I was telling the truth or not... (is this one of those super sneaky girl intricacies that I will be mad at him for later?) Nope, I promised him- I really could use a little down time after taxes and life in general catch up with me so frequently :0)

Thursday... karaoke!!!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Rick and Mary

When Rick first called me all I could think of was- what a clever place to get married! On Dolly Steamboat at Canyon Lake. The ride down was beautiful, winding around the Superstition Mountains. The wildflowers were simply gorgeous!

The guys hung out in the bar while they waited for the girls to arrive. It was overlooking the lake, but they were watching the game and talking about The Simpson's! :0)

Mary was getting ready and Rick was averting his eyes

and they meet...

Mary's brother- just before the ceremony begins

It got dark quickly but it was wonderful outside! How romantic to have your ceremony overlooking the water and your first dance by the glow of the lights.

And I had to save this for last- what a fun cake topper!!! hehe

So congrats Rick & Mary!!!

Laura Siivola- Photographer. Organic wedding and portrait photography based in the Phoenix Arizona area.