Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Contest winners Sarah and Mikel

Since I'm going in order and the holidays got the best of me I am just now getting to Sarah and Mikel's engagement session!

If you remember, they're the couple who won my engagement session contest. The votes were so fun to watch come in! If you're curious, here's the slideshow. But of course I have to post my favorites below :0)

Having a little fun with the scarf...

I kept trying to get Mikel to laugh but Sarah was the giggly one!

Finally we ended up at the fabulous house they'll be getting married at- look at this awesome stained glass!

Thank you so much for letting me really get to know you two. I loved it!!! :0)

Laura Siivola- Photographer.
Organic wedding and portrait photography based in the Phoenix Arizona area.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009


I hardly have any time these days but I have to show off some images from my Venezuela trip! I had such an incredible time and met some fabulous people too! :0)

So before I get into it, if you want to see the slideshow check it out here!
Phoenix photographer Laura Siivola (moi!) at Sally and Hansel's beach wedding on Margarita Island, Venusela- WOOT!

This is Darcy (a 'la Audrey Hepburn!) We all went on a jeep trip our first night there and it took us all over the island!

We stopped at sunset to admire the view and have a few drinks! This is Cristen who amazingly can sleep sitting up while hanging onto a crowded, moving and speeding jeep! Impressive!!

We had an awesome home cooked dinner and just a few ahem... rum and cokes around a bonfire. This is where I declared that I am a camera snob and can't seem to take a "point and shoot" anywhere! hehe- but you already knew that didn't you?!!

The next day was kinda funny because we did this snorkeling tour- some of the girls stayed behind but I insisted on going! I mean, how many chances do I get to do something like this when I live in Arizona?!! So here a picture of the colorful beach. We had to wade out this inner tube boat thing (I'm sure there's a word for it, I just don't know it!) to get to the bigger boat. It was very windy and the water was choppy and to be completely honest I ended up yacking off the side of the boat. Ugh! haha So I don't have many pictures to show you from that day. But I did get off the boat and into the water a little bit and I was able to appreciate how gorgeous it was there to be sure. Everyone was soooo nice to me too- trying to help me out and asking how I was! And I still have to say that I'm glad I went. :0)

So on to the wedding day! Sally and Hansel decided to do thier ceremony after dark because people still wander the beach up until sunset and I think they wanted to have something kinda private. Apparantly people will crash about any party they can! hehe So I asked them to meet up before hand and I am so happy they did- check out what a fun time they had!!!

Found this very cool wall :0)

I haven't told you yet about the jewlerymakers that were everywhere! You walk down the beach and they will just put things on you. I bought a couple of braclets for the kids and Andy. This guy was pretty nice and asked Sally to get a picture of her wearing a ring. We were laughing and of course she said yes. :0)

Hansel bought me a Sabores to try but Sally ended up drinking it because it was soooo sweet!

and of course I had to get one of their sandy feet!!

A few from the ceremony...

And a bunch from the reception!!!

more sandy feet...

Nurse Sally!!!

And last but not least my favorite from the whole time! Hansel kept pulling his arm away so Sally would fall just a little and they were laughing and having fun. I caught this when he was pulling her back up again and I guess I just love how they are looking at each other. :0)

So the running joke was when I would ask someone if they wanted a picture Sally (or somebody!) always would say "that's not organic!!!" And we all got a big laugh out of it! hehe

But Sally and Hansel- I was more than happy to be your organic photographer! :0)

Laura Siivola- Photographer.
Organic wedding and portrait photography based in the Phoenix Arizona area.