Sunday, September 24, 2006

Diane and David

Wow what a night! Every day of my life I feel more blessed. Diane is one of the sweetest brides out there and her and Dave's family has been so inviting. Dave and his friends kept me smiling the whole time with their good humor attitude- I had a blast! Here are a few of my favorites from yesterday :0)

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Meeting the parents

Keeping busy is always good for me! And with my two little ones keeping me on my toes I am busy most of the time ;0)

I somehow managed to meet up with Diane and Dave this weekend to meet Diane's parents Toni and David. It’s a very bittersweet time for Diane’s family right now, as her grandmother just passed away just last week. I know they will all be thinking about Joyce and wishing she could be there to celebrate along with the family. Diane’s mom has been helping out with so many details and had flowers all over her dining room table. I’m really looking forward to their wedding this weekend and also meeting Dave’s parents Esther and… you guessed it- David! I can’t wait to do the formals… “No I mean the other David!“

After I left I stopped by a local lab and I saw some great albums that I can’t wait to share with them!!! So I’ll end with a few pics from their engagement shoot. The first image (the black and white) they included with their invitation. Aren’t they stunning?! How lucky am I to make my first sample album with such a great looking couple!!!

Don’t forget to check back here after the big day for more images! :0)

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Album Design Software

Well, I've been doing my homework! My first year in business will be a steep learning curve I'm afraid but well worth it. :0)

I've put together a list of Album Design Software I've found just to get my bearings. There are so many to choose from and so many questions I don't even know where to start- it's very overwhelming! Hopefully this will help other photographers out there looking for this very thing. I'm a lucky person to be a part of some very helpful online communities which have been a big part of compiling this list. I'd love to hear your thoughts on any of these programs you may have used. If I've missed any just let me know- I want to have all the options available here for anyone to view. The software I've listed are (I believe...) all available for output to any lab or binding service… which means you can choose! (Yet another mind boggling experience I'll save for another day!) :0)

* Just FYI, I just updated this table as of 8/08!



Templates available?

Save your Templates


Demo/ Trial

Page Gallery

Yes but cannot save your own.




Dg Foto Art

Yes- As separate purchases


$249- $649


You Select It





Kubota's auto album

As per Page layouts



LumaPix FotoFusion


Yes- Studio/Pro version

$39.95- $299.95


Gary Fong’s Digital Album

Unsure (auto assemble)



Adobe® InDesign

Yes- From outside sources




pixel creator pro





Album DS








$495 or license per year



Just an update, for ya- I decided to go with the LumaPix Fotofusion and I love it! If you're interested in what it can do, here is a wedding album I designed using the software.

Scottsdale, AZ wedding photography at Sassi

Cave Creek, Arizona photo wedding album

I'm learning how to add cool borders and other fun things too! I'll be sure to post more as I design them :0)


Hey Guys! I've had so many questions on this post I thought maybe some of you might be interested in buying the template to either of those albums? Contact me if you are and I'll sell them for $25 for one or $40 for both. I've never done this before so you'll have to bear with my lack of knowledge- I'm not even setup with Paypal hehe. But if I can help anyone out by selling them then I'll figure it out. :0)

Thanks for all the awesome emails and comments!!!

Laura Siivola- Photographer.
Organic wedding and portrait photography based in the Phoenix Arizona area. :0)

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Dancing & Bluegrass

I had such a blast last night!!! Working has never been more fun! :0D My friend Michelle called me a few days ago because her friends, Terry and Pattee want to start teaching dance classes. Well, she said I know a professional photographer. (I feel like a little kid when I say that- what? I'm a professional!!!) Michelle told me that photographing dancers is not easy but I do love a challenge! She was so right- you have to wait for the right turn, without getting any arms in the face or backsides. Also her gorgeous flaring skirt went a little too far north once in a while!!! Yep, Pattee has great legs but maybe not so much for an ad! ;0)

The band The Breadwinners play at The Loft in Tempe every Tuesday night and they were awesome! But then again I do love bluegrass :0)

Here are some of my fave pics of the dancing duo! I used my flash set at second curtain sync to gain some of the movement in Pattee's skirt and catch the glow of the lights in the background...