Saturday, June 01, 2013

Inspiration :0)

Inspiration hits!

I just got this idea from another photographer and I want to make it something I do often. It's "5 Things"; just a short list of 5 things you're happy about. I want to be appreciative all the time but I feel so bogged down by living in the day to day of life's little messes! I need to take the time out and listen to all the good. :0)

5 Things:

1. My daughter Jacq... I was sick last week and she was the sweetest thing ever, coming into my room and making sure I was ok and even taking care of little Lyra! :0)
2. Time to read. Summer is here and it's been nice not driving the kiddos all over the place! I have been reading three different books this week!
3. Pinterest. Yep I know- weird to write it, but it does make me happy! I love thinking about how my house could be improved and (although slow going...) making those little ideas happen.
4. Sleeping in. Have I mentioned summers here?!?!! :0)
5. 2 framed prints- my friend Leslie had given me a couple of frames that I just love! Well- I've finally gotten prints ordered and into those cute frames!

This is awesome! I've been smiling the whole time writing this... note to self. Take more time to do more of THIS! :0)

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