Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Dancing & Bluegrass

I had such a blast last night!!! Working has never been more fun! :0D My friend Michelle called me a few days ago because her friends, Terry and Pattee want to start teaching dance classes. Well, she said I know a professional photographer. (I feel like a little kid when I say that- what? I'm a professional!!!) Michelle told me that photographing dancers is not easy but I do love a challenge! She was so right- you have to wait for the right turn, without getting any arms in the face or backsides. Also her gorgeous flaring skirt went a little too far north once in a while!!! Yep, Pattee has great legs but maybe not so much for an ad! ;0)

The band The Breadwinners play at The Loft in Tempe every Tuesday night and they were awesome! But then again I do love bluegrass :0)

Here are some of my fave pics of the dancing duo! I used my flash set at second curtain sync to gain some of the movement in Pattee's skirt and catch the glow of the lights in the background...


michelle said...

Hey Laura!That WAS a fun night! Let's do something like that again soon! You're pictures are great!

Gail said...

Laura you are an amazing woman!! We are all proud of you and all your accomplishments both personal and professional.
Aunt Gail