Thursday, February 22, 2007

All the little ones! :0)

Ok, I have to say it... Is this the cutest thing ever??? I love this little girl- she just gives me the cutest looks when I'm helping out at the preschool and I know she knows exactly how sweet and adorable she is!! :0)

One of the mom's at our preschool was checking out my website and told me how much she liked this image below! Well, I've been meaning to write photo tips on my blog and she has given me the perfect oppertunity!

There are a few things going on in this image. First there's the wide angle lens. That's why his hand and the cricket (or is that a grasshopper??) looks much larger than the rest of him. It's a perfect way to characterize something specific in your photographs! The second is the depth of field. Notice how the cricket (oh, now does that thing still have all it's limbs??) is emphasized while the boy and the woods behind fade away.
There are a few ways to control this! One is setting your aperture. This may sound over simplistic to gearheads (like myself!!) But the lower the number the smaller your depth of field! Try your camera on an AV mode if you have it- the camera will compensate for you by setting the shutter speed and your exposure should be great! Another thing to try is zooming- for those of you who might not have manual controls on your camera, try zooming in and walking back! It creates a shorter depth of field too.
Just experiment! In these digital days, there will be no prints hiding in storage- just try something interesting!! Who cares how it turns out? And be sure to take another one the very next second! :0)

Here's an awesome image with the same ideas in mind...

But I mean seriously, how can you go wrong with such a cutie??!!!

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