Wednesday, February 07, 2007


This week has been awesome! I was feeling a little bit empty- spiritually speaking and even had a deep conversation with my friend Carol about it. All the little things I do lead up to another. I took some pictures at a Christmas party and printed them up for a few parents. One mom, Oriana e-mailed me asking about a family shoot and I noticed her information was from Make A Wish! I had volunteered for them about 5 years ago and mentioned to her that I'd love to do it again. She knew just who to get in touch with and now I'll be helping out again. I was looking for something just like this and didn't even realize it! I can't wait to jump right in!

Then just last night I got a call from the church Ascension Lutheran where I send my kids to preschool. BTW- I just LOVE the teachers there and was absolutely blessed to have found it. My children and I would not be where we are today without them!! The church received a grant to produce some artwork and chose six artists to represent chosen scriptures and I am one!!! I am sooo excited! The best part about this is that I have no idea what we will be doing and the possibilities are mind boggling! I can't wait to see what scripture I'll get to discuss and work with!

To top off my busy schedule I am going to Pismo Beach, CA this weekend for a pretty big gathering of photographers. (We are calling it an Un-Conference! Way to be unconventional!) :0P We even have some models set up at a local winery and I will be teaching a photoshop workshop!! I have so much to be thankful for and believe me, I am!! I can't wait!

So here they are, A few images from my 5D, just messing around :0)

This is the one I've been waiting to take- this was done with no flash and a very dark room. The 5D is awesome in low light and there was hardly any graininess at all! Doesn't she look so peaceful!

Just wait till I get back to see what images the weekend will bring! It looks like rain but I really don't mind I'm just t

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Patrick said...

I've decided to make it a point now, to comment on all blog entries that I read (since I enjoy blogs more as a dialog than a monologue, somewhat hoping that it'll come back to my own blog a little.) Anyhow... I'm enjoying your blog. I like the photograhs and seeing what you're up to, since I see you so rarely. Pismo Beach sounds like it'll be fun.

Additionally, I've been meaning to ask, when you get some free time, would you care to do some family shots of Jackie, Connor and I? We never got around to doing a Christmas photo. Drop me a line.