Monday, April 02, 2007

Water Damage, Albums and Mudpies!

It's been a long couple of weeks since I last posted! We started a project redoing our roof and a few other things when the big rain hit the valley last Thursday. We were probably the only people in Arizona praying for it not to rain- now we're setting heat records. Go figure!

Needless to say, the house was drenched. Thankfully we have no carpet yet. We really were very lucky. Sorry to say that our fax machine bit the dust. One of the guys framing in the laundry room yelled out "dude, I smell something burning!" hmmmm... off to the store for a new one tomorrow!

here are a few obligatory pictures for those interested! :0)

our new laundry room...

The water was running down this wall continuously...

I never liked the ceiling, but wasn't quite ready to start tearing it down!

But the whole office ceiling is coming down now- drywall and insulation!

But wait! What's a kid to do when it's pouring rain in the house??? Go outside and make mudpies of course!!!

My son said "come outside- you aren't gonna like this!" I'm thinking what have they done, I don't think I can take any more stress right now! I got outside and Cole had this sheepish look on his face and I just broke out in laughter! I love it I said, it's BEAUTIFUL! And gave both of them a huge hug right before running in to grab my camera :0)

And does life or business stop while all this is going on? Not at all! I got my first album order in and I fell in love with it! It was the second thing I rescued from the office! (And I bet you can guess what was first!) The funny thing is, I actually invited my bride Diane over to meet and look at it. I had to call her back when I realized our table was covered with office supplies and there was literally no place to sit!

So here is the finished result!!! (Yea!!!)

and a peek at it open- to one of my favorite pages!

I really get into the album design! I Just finished up Shannon and Barry's wedding album before all this house stuff went down (thankfully!!) :0) And here's a slideshow of that!

Whew- is there anything I've left out?!?!! ;0)


Patrick said...

Nice work on that album! Who does the physical album printing?

Laura said...

Thanks Patrick!
My lab Pictage does the photo printing and the binding is done by Willowbook
I know there is a motophoto around town that does the whole thing too, even designing it! (Although I really enjoy that process...) :0)