Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Kristen and Geoff

I've been so swamped traveling and I'm leaving again this weekend! It's exciting but I feel like I have no time left. I'm so excited to be going on vacation to Disneyland with the whole family!!!

But! Just before that I have Ivana and Don's wedding on Saturday (talk about swamped!!) But it's been one I've looked forward to for a while. Ivana is wearing a green dress so you know this is one unique couple!!

So, here by request (huh? I have requests???) Yep, that's what happens when you shoot for Bellissima- Robin and Brenda are so spectacular everyone wants to see the goods! :0) So you got it! Here are a few of my favorites!

Kristen getting ready...

gotta get one of the shoes!
Isn't she beautiful? I love this image!!!

And looking a little devilish! :0)

This church was incredible!! We don't have anything this grandiose in Arizona so I was very happy and probably took way to many shots!

And I just had to include this one! Toasts aren't something we post very often but Geoff's brother gave a beautiful one and this image caught that emotion so well I just had to share!

So thank you once again Robin! It was a joy! Kristen and Geoff I wish you every happiness! I'm blessed to have been a part of your day.

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