Monday, September 17, 2007

Birthday Bash!

But not mine!!! :0)

My best friend Carol just turned a year older than me!! (ok, ok seven months!) Believe it or not I've known her since the first grade!!! She still remembers the elephant shirt I wore the day we met... I do miss that shirt! :0P
The funny thing is that my last post was saying how I needed to check out Trader Vics and that's where she chose to start out!

The bartender was giving me some strange looks when I started photographing the drinks! But yuuummmm... :0)

So we decided to stay around Old Town Scottsdale and walked over-

to the Blue Moose!!

where I ummm... photographed some more drinks!

Then we headed to Patty's for some tunes and pool! When I go out with my friends I never want to bring to much camera stuff, it gets pretty cumbersome. So I'm always experimenting with my equipment. All of these were taken without flash and my 5D did awesome.

I really like this one how Gip is practically faceless in it. It wouldn't be the same if I used flash

Happy Birthday Carol!!! :0)

1 comment:

Patrick said...

Happy Birthday Carol!

Sorry that I missed out on the bar-hopping this year. I'm sure it was fun. Wish I was there.

Gotta love a camera with good low-light capabilities.