Sunday, October 07, 2007

Blessing of the Animals

Update!! :0)
If anyone would like to download or print the images you can check them via this link:

I'll be updating the gallery with more Ascension images throughout the year!


What a fun time all the kids had at the blessing of the animals! I love Ascension Lutheran- such a wonderful community. I am so lucky to have found this preschool for my children. The teachers are so supportive and loving! And of course I brought my camera to photograph all the happenings! Unfortunately our dog Paige got most of my attention, so here are a few that I did manage to snap (mostly one handed!)

Some of the kids looking at a turtle- yep we had all sorts of animals! A few years ago someone brought a horse! :0)

And if you couldn't bring your pet- no worries, your stuffed animal was blessed!

Another cool thing is how the kids stay a part of the school. This is Mrs. Barks' son who went there when he was little! Brad is holding his puppy, Fate who was chosen as the school mascot, voted in by the children :0) How could they not pick such a cutie!! (and the obligatory awww....!)

And here Is Mrs. Colwell, one of the teachers & Annie- not just a student but her granddaughter as well!

The animals might have been blessed but I am everyday for finding such wonderful people!!!

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