Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Lucky Moi...

Why am I so lucky? Because the fabulous Becky Waurio of Toute Ma Vie Photography flew me in to Virginia to shoot with her!!! How cool is that? I had such a fun time- she is awesome to shoot with. The bride, Anne was gorgeous- just look at her!

One of the great things about second shooting is that I really have time to spend on the images. Photographers (depending on their style of course...) usually pick 20 or 30 images they love and turn them into pieces of art. Well, second shooters are able to pick the best and forget about the others!!! Which leaves me more time to work on awesome images like this below- a bridesmaid was in the bottom right corner of the frame and the stained glass window was illuminated with much more color than the original. :0)

Another cool thing about second shooting is the way it makes me think about images in a different perspective. Becky totally set up this image and was shooting straight on. I had to come up with a different angle. Now their album will have different views of the same moment!

And this was my first experience with sparklers at a reception! (As Becky can surely attest to... When are we doing the sparklers Becky? What time is it Becky?...) hehe :0)

And I couldn't resist this image of their dog, the cutest ever- Serendipity!

Thanks again Becky- I had so much fun!!!

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Becky Waurio said...

These are awesome! I cannot wait to get the images done over here - seems like I am just starting. Thanks again for coming to shoot with me! It was awesome having your perspective to add a new look! Plus, you rock in general, so that helps! :) I'm so glad you came!