Sunday, March 02, 2008

Marissa and Nick are Awesome!

Marissa and Nick sittin' in a tree... k-i-s-s-i-n-g! hehe- I couldn't help myself!

Marissa and Nick are just so cute and nice and I just love them! You hear that?!!! You guys ROCK!

I had so much fun last night! The wedding was spectacular and all the family and friends were heartwarming and funny. Marissa has had some of the best and most unique ideas and the reception was simply awesome! So without further ado let me show you what you came here to see! :0)

The girls got ready at the coolest house in Cave Creek. It had the most incredible light- check out the gorgeous dress!

The hair and makeup was seriously the best I've ever seen so I have to make sure and get a few cards and start referring those chickas!

and of course you guys fully understand my obsession with getting the shoe shot! :0P

I had Marissa perched on top of this bathtub and we were all scared she would slip in those shoes but she actually survived- and look how incredible it was!

Marissa and Nick decided to meet each other beforehand. I love it!


even later...

and much later :0) Marissa and Nick are the best dancers!

Nick's mom made the cupcake cake and it was gorgeous! I've never seen one so colorful- each cupcake had a different kind of flower on it and the detail must have taken her so much time but it was worth it!

Nick was so funny taking off the garter!

The girls!

I'm so blessed to have met you guys! And thank you for letting me capture your love story! :0)

Laura Siivola- Photographer. Organic wedding and portrait photography based in the Phoenix Arizona area.

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sheena said...

laura - thank you so much for the fantastic job you did memorializing nick and marissa's love story - from engagement to wedding. you're a fabulous, talented photographer and you and your team are a dream to work with. you did a great job with Jack and Analeise's pictures too. i see many more laura siivola appts. in the future. remember, we knew you before you were famous!!! love sheena