Thursday, October 16, 2008

Did I mention...

That I went to California... a month ago! I've been keeping so busy I've barely blogged at all!

So without any further ado let me tell you about my fun trip!! :0)

Pictage's Partner Con was great- it really made me think about my business in different terms. The funniest thing happened while I was there thinking and toiling over my love for photography and how to make not just a business but a successful business...

I ran into this guy in the elevator going up and we were joking around and stuff. Well 20 minutes later I came back down and he hopped on the elevator again! Talk about serendipity! We started talking and I asked why he was in town- he said that he was in the music industry and he was here for a photo shoot. I just started laughing and told him I was a photographer and had just started shooting musicians. He had to laugh too now because he was saying how hard it had been to find a photographer and here I tell him I'm at a photography conference and well, he couldn't say much but 'get out!' hehe

So Kyze was totally cool and invited me to this shoot they were doing the next day with Nikki Smith at Chad Hill's studio. It's funny because I didn't really want to buttinski on someone's shoot so I wasn't gonna go but I bumped into Kyze for A THIRD TIME!!! Crazy! So my friends told me I had to go- as Rachel said, 'It's kismet!'

Chad was very cool and we started talking shop as soon as we had a second! We even traded websites we enjoyed for inspiration. Here's one of him shootin'!

So thanks to Kyze and Chad and Nikki too! You've given me some much needed inspiration- I've been shooting more musicians lately and I absolutely love the creativity it affords me!! :0)

So since we had pretty much been all work and no play a group of us decided to go to The Wherehouse for dinner and it was soooo yummy!

Kadie and I ordered this ginormous drink but neither of us could make a dent in it...

So I got a little help from Rachel :0)

AND a little more help from Betsy and Michelle!!! hehe

Then when we got back to the hotel I had possibly the best desert ever! A flourless chocolate volcano cake. I had never heard of it but woah momma I'm glad I ordered it even though I couldn't finish!!! :0P

So the next morning on our way home Rachel let me (or had to, however you wanna look at it!) and Kadie tag along on an engagement shoot of hers on the beach! Well, for us Arizona photographers it's a treat!

And here's one of Kadie- we both decided to get in the water!!

I had an awesome time!!!

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