Monday, January 08, 2007

Rachel and Mark

Another fun wedding! I was shooting with the fab Bruce Erik Steffine and I gotta say, I really enjoy working with him! And what a wedding- I am so in love with these getting ready shots I can hardly weed out any! Mind if I post a hundred??? :0)

The dress... also my first time using the showit script. I like it! Too much?!? :0)

The shoes...
And the bride!

My what long legs you have!! :0)

I really like this one too- I just love candids!

A quick shot of the bride before she sees her groom for the first time!

They meet... but no kissing yet! :0)

About to walk down the aisle- her sister was trying to make them laugh so Rachel wouldn't cry!

A simple basket of rose petals on each chair for throwing on the bride and groom

I think this is one of the few moments I saw Mark without a smile on his face! Just a moment before their entrance...

The reception was a blast! They hired a Brazilian dance troop! I wish I could find a link for you- it was so cool to watch. It was the perfect entertainment for dinner.

I feel like I've already written a book in pictures and I haven't even finished editing all the images yet!

Update!!! Racchel left a comment and the link for the Brazilian Dance Troop!!! Ahh.. why not go ahead and post one or two more??? :0)


Jen said...

Laura what beautiful photo, they are just exquisite! I'm sure the Bride and Groom will be so happy with these. I think my favorites are the first one of the wedding dress (awesome effect on it) and the one with the legs and garter belt. I love the lighting and composition of that one.

Jen said...

oh I forgot to mention, the one of the bride from the back looking towards a window (from about waist up) I love the glow to it, beautiful! ++

Julie Walton Shaver said...

Love the shoe shot (especially)!

LaceyG said...

Hi Laura, great blog.

I LOVE the wedding dress. No, the effect is not too much! The shoe shot is Beautiful. mmmm!

Rachel "The Bride" said...

I am so very excited to see all the final shots. Thanks so much for everything!! Below is the website for the capoeira group.

Laura said...

Thank you so much Rachel! I got some great shots I'm so pround of! I'm going to post the capoeira group right now!!! :0)