Monday, May 07, 2007


Just got back from a family vacation and it was so fun! We spent a day at the San Diego Zoo, a day at Sea World, a beach day and three days at Disneyland! Wouldn't it be cool to shoot a wedding there?

Here's a game for you- how many kids can you count??? I went with my two brothers, their families and my mom too! It was a huge group and they had a blast with each other.

Ok, so the answer is 8! Eight kids in the image (one was asleep in the stroller!) if you only counted seven, look again between my son and Pluto's armpit!!! ;0)

I think Sea World was my favorite, here I am petting a dolphin!

My son ran through this tunnel about three times just to do it again- it was pretty cool I must admit, but in the end he decided he does not want to be a shark trainer when he grows up anymore because- they bite. :0)

Here is my husband and daughter on the beach- she loved jumping in the waves!

And here is a misc. shot from staying in PA with Robin. This is her adorable little Xander!! I've heard he has his own blog! (ummm... that's not a joke!!!)

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