Monday, May 14, 2007

Suan and Don's wedding at Four Points Sheraton

Susan and Don are such an awesome couple! They are both so laid back and easy going it was a joy to shoot their wedding. The best part is they didn't mind a bit each time I asked them to 'oh, just come over here for a second' or especially when they postponed a dance so we could take a few images outside after it cooled down!

I just had to laugh when they were both sitting in the lobby at their own reception, watching our Phoenix Suns!!! :0)

As you can plainly see we have some sports fans here!

Susan and Don both got ready at Our Saviour's Lutheran Church, right across the hall from each other. They did a perfect job of not seeing each other for being so close!

Here is Don, about to go into the church while Susan is tucked away into a little nook not more than five feet away...

My second photographer for the day, Aimee Cooper captured this shot of Susan's dad glancing over at her as they were about to walk down. I love this one!!

Did I mention it got up to 105 F on Saturday?!?!! Here's a little sun flare just for the occasion!! :0)

The reception was at the Four Points Sheraton Phoenix and the dinner was so yummy. I didn't get to eat much- Melissa, the coordinator, was fantastic to set up a table for me and I worked on my slideshow of images from earlier in the day. It went great!

And here is Suellen and Don for the mother son dance- we are in a book club together and I wouldn't have hooked up with her awesome son & new daughter-in-law without her!

And here is the fun shot of the night! It's a tricky one- you have to use a slow enough shutter speed to get the glow of the lights but fast enough so you have no blur. It turned out perfect!!

Congratulations to a beautiful couple inside and out!! Check back on my website soon for the slideshow!!


Anonymous said...

Fabulous photo shoot!
You totally captured the spirit of the wedding and the wonderful couple.
Thanks for sharing.

Laura said...

Thanks! They were so fun and laid back- it was awesome!