Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Horsin around with Bruce :P

Forgive the blog title, I just couldn't resist!!! :0P

But I had a great time with my friend Bruce this weekend! He came into town and we got to shoot together again- a beautiful wedding on Saturday and a gorgeous horse on Sunday.

You wouldn't believe the amount of work that goes into getting a horse prepared for a show or in this case... picture day!

Here she's staring to get restless because all the other horses were being fed!

And at the end of the day, all the braids and rosettes had to be taken out! All that work for a few hours! Bruce and I were joking around how it really is like a bride getting ready- the horse had makeup done too. Seriously.

Then we met up with a few other friends and fellow photographers, Rachel and JT. I was pretty tired by that time, I kept yawning!! (damn I'm getting old- I mean I was home by 10:30!)

But it's always fun no matter how tired I get!!

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Rachel said...

SO much fun at Postino! I can't wait to go back!