Thursday, November 01, 2007

Jessi & Matt's wedding at Monterra

I had such a great time shooting with Kim Jarman the other weekend! So easygoing to work with! :0) If you're saying who's Kim? She used to go by Michelle Allen Photography. Her work is awesome!

We started out with the girls getting ready

gotta get those shoes!

Then I headed over to hang with the boys

This couple decided to see each other before the wedding ceremony- she had a special book to present to the groom! Kim did a boudoir session and wowza!!! :0) I was talking with a few of the guests- and we all agreed, what a great time to do something like this.

How do you guys feel about meeting before hand?
I searched a couple of posts over at the knot just to see what brides thought- check it out!
bride and groom seeing each other before hand
intimate moments before the ceremony

I couldn't resist one of Kim shooting while I was on the balcony! :0)

The nice part about seeing each other beforehand is getting the pictures done with lots of time and low stress!

So we headed over to Monterra at West World for the ceremony and reception.

Awww... the father daughter dance :0)

What a fun group!!!

So thanks Kim I had fun! I love shooting with other photographers and seeing how they do it!

Oh and on a side note... I put on my pants last weekend and there was a rip in the seat!!! So if anyone has to witness me bearing my undies at this event I truly apologize!!! haha :0)


Anonymous said...

look like a fun wedding, and those are great pictures! very nice.

Jessi said...

Oh my goodness! I just found these! Totally love them laura! Great pics of matt's reaction to the book too! :)

Thanks, they are awesome! You and Kim were a blast!