Monday, August 11, 2008

Karaoke anyone?

Ok, so now you know it, I'm a total karaoke nerd! hehe No making fun!!! :0P

I just had to blog this because it was too funny! The other night when a big storm came through my freind Carrie and I decided to go sing karaoke at our favorite hangout- The Grapevine! We always have a great time and get up on to dance as much as we can. When we came in we moseyed on over to a table next to the dance floor (our favorite spot!) and the floor was soaking wet from the rain! Anyhow- about five minutes later the waitress posts this 'keep off...' sign up. Carrie and I just laughed because we knew it was on account of us!
Then about ten minutes later Carrie's fiancé looks at us ad said- that sign wasn't there when we came in was it? Then we really started laughing! We had to take this camera phone picture (it's all we had with us!) just for fun :0)

No worries! We just moved aside some chairs and danced on the carpet right next to it! :0)


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