Thursday, December 13, 2007

Marissa and Nick!

I've been doing things so backwards for the holiday season (or flu, whichever you prefer!) :0P I usually have my blog post up the day after any shoot but this time I did the slideshow quickly and the blog later... much later!

Marissa and Nick are so cute!! They got engaged at one of my favorite places- Kazimierz!

Marissa was looking for someplace unique to do the engagement pictures and I thought well, why don't we do it at the wine bar! Great idea, and of course sentimental too but how much time could you really spend there (well, I could spend hours of course but we're talking about a photo shoot here guys!) So we got to talking about how she wanted a Spanish atmosphere and I couldn't think of anything authentic... well nothing in Phoenix at least!

We decided on Tlaquepaque in Sedona! How awesome is that? They've spent a few weekends up there too so it was perfect! Loving the fall colors in these images- perfection! The engagement slideshow is here, if you want to check it out but as always, here a a few (or more!) of my favorites!

I think this is my favorite from the whole day. What a great laugh- I can almost hear it just from the photo!

I can't wait for your wedding guys- it'll be absolutely wonderful with all the great things you've got planned!

Laura Siivola- Photographer. Organic wedding photography based in the Phoenix Arizona area.

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